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What is the key reason why our clients would like to choose us for business?

We had the virgin start in manufacturing aluminum extrusion in 1992. Since then our clients always gives us the following reasons why they wish to choose us for long term business partners:

1. We are Innovative
2. We are Accountable
3. Our price is Competitive

Our expertise in manufacturing aluminum extrusions provides various uses for architectural, industrial and custom purposes. The whole on-site manufacturing process includes: billet casting, mould design, aluminum extrusions, finishing and packaging. We also provide additional services such as prototyping, design and engineering assistances. Under some circumstances we will also add in fabrication and assembly services if necessary.

Our extrusion quality has been confirmed and received high respect, and we were granted the ISO9002-1994 certificate. In an attempt to maintain the high quality assurance and at the same time fulfil the needs of our customers, we equip with the latest modern technology and we render considerable proportion of our budget in research and development to improve our manufacturing skill.

Aluminum related products now become our daily necessities. From soda can, cooking utensils, foil, furniture, electric wire & cable, electronic parts for automobile and train, ocean liner & body for aircraft, to the sidings and window frames in our homes and even NASA's space shuttle are all made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum and its alloys provide benefits such as cost efficient, non-toxic, recyclable, light-weighted but strong, easily fabricate. At Sunrise Aluminum, we are looking forward to serving you on all of your extrusion need!